Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pandas in Ueno Zoo

Yesterday it was holiday exclusively for Chiba residents. All public schools in Chiba were off. So I took my children to Ueno to see giant pandas since it is too crowded in weekends. But there were so many people! Maybe they came from Chibaaaaaaah!

I looked up in the Ueno Zoo homepage to check buisiness hours before hand and tried to reach there before opening at 9:30 but my daughter could not wake up early enough and we arrived a little bit before 10:00, 30 minutes after the opening. We went directly to the end of the line of pandas. There were already many people in the line and the man in the zoo said it would take a little bit more than 1 hour to see pandas, but we joined in the line.
Luckily it didn't take so long before we could see pandas but as I expected we could not stop to see pandas. Pandas were asleep in the corner of the room and didn't move a bit! All I could hear was shouting of the man saying 'Keep moving! Don't stop to take pictures in the front line!"

This a picture is of my lunch I bought at the snack stand in the park, which is called Panda bento. Ears are made of shiitake mashrooms and eyes are black beans. It is 550 yen but small about 10cm × 15cm. I am sure it will not satisfy European's stomach!

Lastly, I happened to see this amazing dog in Yoyogi Park.

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  1. wow, what a queue, since the panda arrived japan i have been wanting to go and see those panda. I didnt expect that until now the queue is still long, and cant even stop for a picture... so sad... thanks for sharing the video...

    cute bento!